Gate codes & property care for winter

Dear GYC Members,

The gates codes have been updated. The new code is 7669 (“snow” on your phone keypad). 

As per our By-Laws

R17. Fender Skirts must be lifted or adjusted to one foot or higher above the water by the Third Wednesday of November. All ladders remaining on the premises must be locked.

R45.  All boats must be unplugged by the Third Wednesday of November, or the cord tagged with the date while charging (48 hours maximum per charge).

R 22. The storage of a Member’s equipment in GYC buildings is not permitted. Masts dinghies and cradles may be stored on Club property at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Empty trailers must not be stored on Club property.

(SNOW plow planning:)

R 23. No auxiliary craft dinghies, dock boxes or other chattels shall be stored at the Georgian Yacht Club to impede marine, motor vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Please remove your valuables from your vessels.

2022 GYC Invoices

Dear GYC members,

The 2022 membership invoices have now been sent out.

If you have not yet received a copy of your invoice please check your junk mail. If you have any questions please contact Peter Struthers at

All fees are due by November 30th, 2021.

GYC Haul Out 2021

Dear GYC Members,

Attached is a copy of the schedule and mapping for haul out.

Please note we STILL NEED HELPERS to fill in on some of the crews.

Arrive at least 30-45 minutes ahead of your haul out time. (Those at 8 am should arrive 07:40 am). 

Remember that haul out can get ahead of schedule, or behind schedule, so please be patient and ready to go when you’re called in.

Fenders, lines, and sling pads must be in place by Friday evening.  You must have a bow and a stern line at least 30’ long.  Please lead them down so they are accessible from the ground.

Our major contact  to you will be your cell phone and preferably by text, otherwise a cell call.  Please make sure your cell phone is up to date on the  list of captains and boats. Please call Becky 519-373-6101 by Thursday at the latest with correct cell phone so the list can be updated. If you have another member hauling your boat out please notify us by e-mail.   If you have no cell phone, then tell us that too. 

Please park outside the property, as near your assigned gate as possible. 

We require members to wear a mask to protect your selves and your fellow club members and the crane crew. Please bring your own mask if possible.

Once your boat is Hauled,  keep you distance  and you can work on your boat. 

For all question or if you can volunteer, please contact Mike Forcier or his office at 519-372-0722.   If there is a problem during Haul Out you can also reach Mike at 519-372-5960.


GYC Covid-19 Policy

Ontario proof of vaccine update

As of September 22, the Provincial Proof of Vaccine Mandate came into effect.  This requires some types of businesses and facilities to request proof of vaccination from those entering.  The primary impact on the GYC will be in the running of social events in the clubhouse. 

Although no club social events are planned at this time, future club events will require attendees to show proof of vaccination and a photo ID before entering.  Medical exemptions are permitted. 

The use of washrooms and Board Meetings are not affected by the proof of vaccine mandate.  

Current use of masks and social distancing remains unchanged.  Outside settings do not require masks unless distancing cannot be maintained. Masks for Haul-out crews are therefore required.

Clarification on the use of the covered patio

Currently the covered patio area is considered outdoors under COVID rules, which allows socially distanced groups of up to 25 to gather.  Note, only one of the temporary patio walls may be fitted to this area. 

No social events are allowed inside the clubhouse until further notice.  This includes club and unsanctioned gatherings. 

September Storms – check your vessels

As conditions continue to deteriorate we recommend all members to check on their boats.

Make sure you either have a buddy with you or tell someone your plan to be at the boat (and let them know when you’re back safely). It is very windy, wavy, and the docks and boats are slippery, so take your time and be careful.

Extra lines are recommended, and try to tie off to multiple points. Some boats have had their cleats break loose, lines break, or have fenders not positioned so they are protecting the boat.

Many thanks to the club members who have already been looking out for each other.

Be safe out there,

Your board of directors